Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Logging into Facebook tonight, and here's the headlines that greeted me:

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That's right bi folks NBC is prepping to call you a whore. And they're whitewashing stuff. Happy to see Racebending and perhaps even Marissa Minna Lee are tweeting the issue. Seems like a good story for Kanika Ameerah K Tempest Bradford too! Props to Paige Listerud for the info!

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More Biphobic Blather: Say It Ain't So Joe - The usually evenhanded, intelligent and amusing blogger Joe Jervis of the popular JoeMyGod has really struck out with this throw-away post. Please stop by and (politely) remind him and his regular readers/posters that just like Polish Jokes or anti-Semitic Jokes are not actually funny, Biphobic ones aren't either.

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And neither do any of the trans guys I know. In fact, for someone who tries soooo hard to be hip, you are making yourself less cool every day.
[Like I really need another reason to dislike Ke$ha. - Fer]
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You know what?  I'm sick of this shit. I joined these various bi groups for support and encouragement, not for constant doomsaying about how we're being erased by the gay community and stereotyped by the straight community.  We're hated by both sides.  I get it. 

The thing is, if they hadn't told me, I never would have noticed.

The majority of my friends are straight.  They've never treated me with anything other than acceptance and respect.  I've had a few gay friends over the years, one of which I still keep in touch with.  And they've always been accepting and cool with me too.  I've organized a bi section in our local Pride March, and the people running the march were downright thrilled to have a bi group in it and have the "B" in LGBT not be just lip service.  More thrilled than everyone else in my local bi group, in fact-- the only one who marched with me was a straight ally friend from outside the group.  And that's really been my only problem being on my own-- the feeling that although I am accepted, no one around me really "gets it."

The point I'm making here is that I joined these bi groups to help lift me up and feel less alone.  Instead all I'm getting are depressing situations dragging me down from the national groups, and down-right apathy and being completely ignored from the local group. I've come to the conclusion I was happier when I was alone.

I'm not saying that these things shouldn't be brought to light, that we should just let bi-erasure and biphobia slide without doing anything about it.  I'm saying that I, personally, am sick of the fight.  I'm sick of feeling like I can't make a difference, because haters are gonna hate, and because no one answers my messages to my local group anymore anyway.  I can't improve things locally.  I can't improve things nationally.  All I'm accomplishing by trying to remain a part of the "bi community" is making myself upset.

While I don't know enough to not write and post a blog when I'm mad, I do know enough not to completely burn my bridges.  I'm not going to completely quit these groups just yet.  But I think I'm going to try hiding their messages and not reading their e-mails for a month or two and see how I feel then.

But for now, I've had enough.  I'm out.

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