Sunday, July 27, 2008

Here's Cassidy.

This is Cassidy. Cassidy was rescued by Roxanne at the PetSmart where she works. Poor little Cassidy had been abandoned there with a broken pelvis.

Roxanne took her to several vets. The first vet told her he believed there was nerve damage, and recommended that she be put down. The second vet told her to keep her in a cage for six weeks so she didn't strain the broken pelvis, and give it a chance to heal.

So when Joy, Mylene and I visited Roxanne and Derek for the 4th of July, Joy was taken with her and wanted to bring her home. At which point she named her Cassidy. (As in Hopalong Cassidy, since when she walked she had to hop. The fact that I'm posting this on James Cassidy's birthday is just a complete coincidence.)

We took her to our vet, who said he felt she'd spent enough time in the cage and should try and use the leg as much as she could. And boy, could she! She scampers and plays and climbs... although she doesn't jump very much. She uses the leg better and better every day. At her last trip to the vet, the vet said she'd regained 80% of the usage in her leg!

She is QUITE the cuddler.

And she is VERY fierce when hunting down Webkinz Bunnies.

Snickers likes playing with her too, but I don't have any pictures of that yet.

We're all very happy that Cassidy has joined our family!!

Well... all of us except Ivanova, that is.